Our labels are generated in a full page format that is designed for use with an A6 label or a special integrated A4 packslip with label, but can also be used with regular letter size pages or label sheets.

Print formatting can be done within the Layout settings of your system's print dialogue, which includes scaling and formatting labels to multiple labels and packslips to a page, as shown below. If using a regular, A4 sized label sheet, we recommend using a laser printer with 4 labels to a page. Laser printing helps ensure that your labels remain usable even in adverse weather conditions.​

If you would prefer to use plain paper, you can always affix labels to your packages using packing tape. Please take special care to avoid obstructing important details like barcodes and special instructions.

If you are using a standard thermal label printer with A6 labels, simply align your labels correctly with the printer and check that you have selected the correct label size in your system dialogue.

As always, make sure to affix your labels to a flat side of your packages, and make sure to avoid edges and seams in your box or satchel.

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