Easily upload multiple orders from any sales channel using a CSV file with Shippit’s bulk import feature.

Using a single CSV file, you can:

  • Import domestic and international orders
  • Specify service levels for each order, including standard and express
  • Import up to 300 orders at once

How to bulk import orders

1) To get started, navigate to your New Orders page and click on 'Import'.


2) We've made it easy to import your orders with a CSV template you can download from this page. If you'd like to use your own CSV format, you'll be prompted to map your CSV columns to Shippit's order fields later on. 


3) Once you’ve prepared your CSV, click on 'Next' to upload your file on the next page.


4) If you've used your own CSV format, you'll be prompted to map the columns from your CSV to the relevant Shippit order fields. This page will not appear if you use our template.


5) On the next page, you'll be able to preview the orders to be imported. To finalise your upload, click on 'Import orders' at the bottom of the page.mceclip4.png

Any delivery address or carrier allocation errors will be visible on the New Orders page.

Bulk importing orders will not change any other settings you are already using with Shippit, including parcel presets, carrier preferences and your shipping method mapping from an integrated shopping cart.

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