Shippit follows an algorithm in deciding how synced orders are allocated into enabled satchels and saved package sizes.

This article covers Shippit's behavior for synced orders through any of its available platform or custom-built integrations. If you want to know how to save a preset package size in Shippit, click here.


Allocation by Volumetric Weight

By default, Shippit computes the volumetric weight of the enabled satchels and saved package presets in Shippit > Settings > Pick & Pack then matches it with the total weight of the order being synced.

Volumetric Weight is computed as Length (L) x Width (W) x Height (H) in centimetres divided by 4,000. For example, 50cm (L) x 30cm (W) x 40cm (H) = 60,000 divided by 4,000 equals 15 kg volumetric weight.


Allocation by Dimensions

While volumetric weight works really well in ensuring that shipping cost is accurately computed, the system may be confused in allocating when there are 2 saved package sizes of different dimensions but mathematically similar volumetric weights.

For this reason, you can request to enable a backend setting to Match Templates by Dimension. With this enabled, Shippit will now look for a match between dimensions of the order and the dimensions of the enabled satchels and saved package sizes. If a match is found, then the order is allocated accordingly.


Compatible Integrations

The following platform integrations to Shippit allow you to send package/product dimensions with an order:

  1. WooCommerce
  2. Fluent Commerce
  3. CSV/FTP

If you are integrated into Shippit through any of the above platform integrations, and if you enabled the Item/Dimension Sync in your configuration options, you need to understand how Shippit will behave when allocating your orders into packaging.

For Shippit's integration with Shopify, only weight is synced upon order creation. The allocation thus is purely based on weight.


Unique Allocation

Whenever Shippit is unable to find an enabled satchel or saved package size that (a) can fit the total weight or (b) matches the dimensions of the order, Shippit will:

  • assign the order to package type Parcel; and
  • sync the dimensions of the order; while
  • keeping the L, W, and H fields editable

Alternately, you can decide to disable all the preset satchels and delete all the saved package sizes in Shippit > Settings > Pick & Pack so that Shippit automatically assigns the order to package type Parcel with editable dimensions fields.

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