mceclip2.pngWhat is Shippit Transit Protection?

Shippit's Transit Protection offers you coverage for goods that are lost or damaged during transit when shipping through Shippit even when connecting your own carrier accounts.

It covers the retail value of goods up to the Maximum Cover Amount specified for both domestic and international deliveries. You can also choose coverage on everything you ship or just for with selected carriers.

Transit Protection is simple; there’s no fee to file a claim, just a super quick claims process. 

See full terms and conditions here.


mceclip2.pngKey Advantages of Shippit Transit Protection.

Low Cost Pricing.

  • No excess fees to lodge your claim.
  • Competitive low-cost premiums.

High Coverage Amounts

  • $9k SGD & 25k RM coverage in Asia.
  • Covered for the full retail value including shipping.

Simple & Fast Claims

  • Minimal documents required to claim.
  • Claim resolution within 72 business hours.
  • Refunds within 7-10 days.

Streamlined & User Friendly 

  • Consolidated view;  activate, view, and edit all within Shippit.
  • Streamlined itemised invoicing to easily identify which orders have cover.
  • Access to billing information anytime from within Shippit.


mceclip2.pngWhat's covered.


  • Goods lost or damaged by the courier during transit.
  • Goods that are well packaged and comply with our Packaging Guidelines.
  • Goods with order values declared at the time of booking on Shippit. You can ensure this is automatically synced from your shopping cart.

Excluded items:

  • Damage or losses resulting from intentional errors by the Client.
  • Damage or losses caused by inadequate or incompatible packaging or preparation of Goods for reasonable protection during transit.
  • Damage or losses caused by damage or deterioration resulting from the inherent properties or nature of the Goods.
  • Damage or losses caused by insolvency or financial failure of the owner of the charter manager or vessel operator, where the Client knew or reasonably ought to have known about such insolvency or financial failure.
  • Damage or direct or indirect losses arising from the use of any weapon or war equipment that uses atomic power or fission and/or nuclear fusion or other similar reactions or power or radioactive material.
  • Loss due to parcel contents listing / information not being consistent with the actual contents of the parcel.
  • All types of drugs and other substances are prohibited from transport or possession under the relevant laws, and including prescription drugs.
  • Loss or damage caused by nature of items including wear or shrinking.
  • Loss or damage caused as a result of oxidation, pollution or nuclear.
  • Losses caused by collusion/conspiracy/fraud carried out in groups between buyers and sellers.
  • Damage to the Goods and loss of some items that are not accompanied by damage of shipping package.
  • Pre-existing damage of Goods.
  • Any goods which are prohibited from being sold, owned or circulated to consumers under Australian law.
  • Media in the form of CD / DVD / VCD, or other recording media that are contrary to copyright law. These include those containing pirated movies, music, games or software.
  • Government and travel documents.
  • Human parts/organs.
  • Printed/recorded items whose contents can interfere with security & order and national stability.
  • Live animals.
  • Cash, gold, and/or precious stones.


mceclip2.pngTransit Protection Pricing.

Shippit's Transit Protection allows you to cover your goods at retail value against damage or loss during transit for up to the Maximum Cover Amount outlined below.  This is the value paid by your customers to you as a seller for their goods, not the wholesale value or cost price. 

Transit Protection fees are calculated based on the retail or declared value of items in an order. Different subscription tiers in Shippit have different rates for Transit Protection however fragile goods or higher claim rates will result in a higher premium being applied.

Our Transit Protection fees are standardised across Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand. Please note minimum charges apply for each order. 














Maximum Coverage Amount.

See your region's minimum charges and maximum coverage amount below.


Domestic Minimum Charge 

International Minimum Charge

Maximum Cover Amount 


$1 SGD

$2.50 SGD

$9,000 SGD


3 RM

7 RM

25,000 RM


How Am I Charged.

Transit Protection fees will be added to your Shipping Invoice, as a new line item once an order is booked. You can view these by heading to your Billing Details screen when logged into your account.

During order confirmation in the Shippit user interface, it also appears in the breakdown.


mceclip2.pngEnabling Transit Protection.

Simply head to your Settings when logged into your account. You’ll be onboarded seamlessly directly from your account.

By default, Transit Protection will be added to all your enabled carriers. Once enabled, you can then opt-out of carriers you don't need protection for.



mceclip2.pngLodging a Claim.

Submitting a claim is designed to be really easy! 

  1. At the bottom of the order track page, you can now see a button to get help on that delivery. Our Delivery Help Launcher will automatically send off a query to our Support team who will be back in touch to assist.

  2. Our team will first work with the delivery carrier to reach a resolution or obtain the required documentation for the claim.

  3. Once your Transit Protection claim has been submitted, you'll receive an outcome notification within just 3 business days.

What's Needed for a Transit Protection Claim.

You will need to provide a few things for your claim to be reviewed:

  1. Tax invoice.

  2. Bank details.

  3. Lost in transit notification from the carrier (for BYO carrier accounts).

  4. If damaged, pictures of the damaged goods 

  5. If damaged, pictures of the internal and external packaging.


  • In some cases and with high-value goods, other documents may be required.

  • You need to keep hold of damaged goods until further notice from Shippit support staff, unless it's unsafe to do so. It's possible the goods may need to be returned or inspected further.

  • If you integrate your own carrier account into Shippit, you still need to report damage/loss to Shippit within these timeframes whilst waiting on the carrier to finalise their investigation. We can allow a maximum of 30 days for BYO carrier claims to be submitted for review.


mceclip2.pngTransit Protection Claim Timeframes.

Whilst we ask you to allow a few extra days for goods to be delivered before reporting them missing, we urge you to contact our support team shortly after if you're concerned something might have gone missing.

If you've received damaged goods, please contact us immediately for advice as claim windows do have expiry dates.

Here is the greatest amount of time you have to lodge a claim with Shippit.

Damaged goods:

  • Proof the package or item has arrived damaged is necessary, and this should be reported to Shippit or the retailer upon receipt or within 24 hours of delivery.
  • 7 days is the maximum timeframe to report the damage to Shippit in order to submit a claim.

Lost and missing goods:

  • Claim need to be received and submitted within 14 days from the date the carriers takes the package (i.e in transit date).
  • If you suspect something is missing and haven't heard from the carrier within a few days past the ETA, please contact Shippit so we're aware and can lodge a claim immediately pending the carrier's final outcome.


mceclip2.pngWhat’s the Difference with Complimentary Carrier Insurance?

When booking orders on Shippit’s carrier accounts, some offer complimentary insurance however it works very differently to Shippit Transit Protection.

You’re generally only covered for the wholesale value of goods and they do not refund the shipping costs. There are much tighter deadlines for lodging a claim, and longer resolution times.

Singapore Post

  • Covered for the loss or damage of non prohibited goods whilst in transit
  • Up to SGD 150 Speedpost Express (per article or the declared value, whichever is lower)
  • Up to SGD 50 Speedpost Economy (per article or the declared value, whichever is lower)
  • Strict timeframes apply
  • Full terms and conditions can be found here.
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