Automate Shipping with Any Courier

Keen to ship with a courier that currently isn't integrated with Shippit? We've added extra functionality to the plain label feature to make it easier to: 

  • ship with carriers that we aren't integrated with  
  • share order details with a non-integrated carrier or system

We've also updated the Plain Label design to our standard layout, with the option to add a barcode.


Here's how the new functionality will work

📘 Once a Plain Label is booked, a CSV file of the booking data will be created.

📮With the CSV file, you have the option to:

  • Directly download the file from the Manifest drop-down
  • Send the file to an email (see example email below)
  • Send the file to an sFTP location (whether it be non-integrated carriers or your own sFTP location)

⚙️ You'll be able to specify an email address or sFTP location (username & password) in your Settings where the booking data CSV will be sent to.

Continue reading on how to enable Plain Labels here.

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