As we all know, sometimes customer purchases don’t work out and we need to process a return for the customer. Now with Shippit, you can – with our Merchant-initiated Returns solution for any domestic delivery in Singapore or Malaysia.


How to process a return in Shippit


  1. Click on the Track tab in Shippit, and locate the Completed original outbound order you wish to return
  2. Click the arrow on the right-hand side, and select Create Return
  3. Review the return details, including the pickup and return addresses (which will default to the inverse of the original outbound order), and update if necessary. When ready, click Create Return.
  4. Confirm the shipping quote. Shippit will automatically select the cheapest available carrier, and charge a small fee for the service.
  5. Your customer will automatically receive an email with the label and instructions for packaging the return.
  6. When ready, your customer can request pick up, from the email or in the tracking page.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is there a customer-facing returns solution available for the region?
    • Not at this stage.
  • How do I enable returns in Shippit?
    • Returns will be enabled by default for new and existing merchants. If you are not seeing the option to Create Return on a completed domestic order in Singapore or Malaysia, please contact 
  • Which carriers will perform the returns?
    • In Singapore, Teleport Standard & Ninja Van Standard. In Malaysia, Ninja Van Standard and POS Malaysia.
  • Are there any postcodes not supported for returns in South East Asia?
    • Returns from East Malaysia may not be supported by the carriers in question.
  • Does a return have to be performed by the carrier that did the outbound delivery?
    • No. Any of the above carriers can perform a return delivery, even if they were not the outbound carrier.
  • Are international (cross-border) returns supported?
    • Not at this stage, no.
  • Can a specific carrier be selected for a return?
    • No. The cheapest quote will automatically be selected from all available return quotes. If you’d prefer to use a specific carrier, please contact who can assist to disable other carriers.
  • What is the cost of a return?
    • Carrier fees vary for returns, but can be slightly higher than the cost of the original outbound shipment due to collecting from a residential area, and for a single, or small number of parcels.
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