Something is missing or damaged from my order



Something missing from your order?    

Shippit doesn't take part in packaging or dispatching your parcel. You'll need to contact the sender directly for further help with the contents of your order.




The package arrived damaged

  • You do not need to sign for goods that arrive damaged. Let the driver know you will not accept the goods and they'll note the damage before returning them to the depot where a damage report can be compiled.
  • Contact Shippit so we can help. Should the damage be internal and unnoticeable until opening the package, please provide the below before contacting us:
    1. clear colour images showing the damage
    2. clear colour images of the internal and external packaging
    3. a written description of the damage and how the goods were packaged upon arrival
    • NOTE: Hold onto the goods until further notice from Shippit as the driver may return to inspect or collect the goods


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