Same Day Delivery | What You Need to Know


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IMPORTANT NOTE DURING PEAK (1st October 2021 until 3rd January 2022):

  • The Shippit delivery window is not guaranteed and is an estimated time of delivery only.
  • Priority orders are guaranteed to be delivered on a selected date (the priority same day) before 7pm.


Our same-day carriers do their absolute best to meet your chosen Shippit delivery window and we can happily say, 97% of these orders are delivered on time.

During peak times, couriers will enable extra drivers, extend service hours, and sometimes deliver on weekends, all to ensure your customers get their packages on time.

However, whilst a timeslot delivery is requested it's important to remember that occasionally delays may happen that are outside of the driver's control. In the event this happens, Shippit will sms your customer to give them a heads up.


Prepare Your Business for Same Day Delivery.

If you haven't offered same-day delivery elivery before or want to ensure your processes are optimised to support it, check out our tips below:

  1. Review Contact Details - Once an order is booked, an email notification will be sent to your Store Contact, so it's important to check that the contact details are up-to-date.
  2. Pack & Label in 1 Hour - From the time the delivery is booked, you'll have one hour to pack the order and ensure it's ready for courier pick-up.
  3. Prioritise Same Day orders - Review your pick and pack process so that Same Day orders are prioritised over Standard and Express orders.
  4. Prepare for pick-up - Once packed, ensure the parcel is labelled and left in a secure place that can be easily seen by the courier driver.
  5. Easy courier access - Keep a parking spot near your loading dock or pick-up area available so the driver can easily collect the order.
  6. Limit delivery distance - Limit the distance from your pick-up location to the delivery destination to 20 kilometres to avoid delays. For scheduled, time-slot deliveries, Shippit's platform data shows that deliveries travelling over 20km are at a slightly higher risk of delay.

Other Important Points.

Here are a few things to remember with Same Day Priority Delivery:

  • Priority orders are time-sensitive, should you need assistance with anything it's crucial to give contact us on live-chat if possible
  • Any delivery updates must be shared with Shippit, the courier will not accept changes at your request.
  • If you operate out of a Westfield Dock, you will need to liaise with your local Dock Master to check if a booking is required prior to booking on Shippit.
  • Goods must be ready at the time of booking as the order goes straight through to the courier. If goods are not ready, you may be liable for the futile charge.
  • If the delivery requires assistance at either side of the delivery, additional charges will apply. Any additional charges will be invoiced back to the sender.
  • If the customer is not home the driver will attempt to call the customer once. If the customer does not provide authority to leave, goods will be returned to the sender as a safety precaution. This cost comes at the sender's expense.
  • Should we suspect a delay, we'll always give your customer a heads up via SMS or email.
  • Any delays will be investigated with the courier to identify the root cause of the problem and why the service level couldn't be met. We work with all couriers very closely to ensure they uphold a high standard of service for our customers.
  • Should a delay be determined within the courier's control, they'll normally offer partial compensation due to the delay and inconvenience. In this case, Shippit would also be able to offer partial compensation.
  • Should the delay be due to something outside of the driver's control (i.e traffic, weather conditions), the courier would not normally provide credit. Shippit would therefore not be able to provide compensation. 



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