Brand Your Tracking Page & Notifications

Shippit allows you to customise and add your logo to your delivery notifications and track page.

If you want to understand how Shippit Branding & Advertising works at a company level in Shippit, click here.


Shippit Branding & Advertising is a paid add-on feature. If your current subscription does not include this feature, please get in touch with your sales contact or account manager to get more details.


How to enable Branded Tracking & Advertising


Now that you have Branded Tracking & Advertising enabled on your account, follow the guides below to have you set up in minutes!

Branding Settings:

  1. Login to your Shippit dashboard > Settings > Branding Settings
  2. Update the primary colour to match your business contrasts
  3. Upload your business logo to personalise tracking notifications sent to your customers
  4. Enter your business URL to encourage repeat business to your website



Advertising Settings:

  1. Login to your Shippit dashboard > Settings > Advertising Settings
  2. Upload your desired banner ad image for both mobile and desktop
  3. Enter the relevant ad URL which customers will be directed to if clicked (some businesses use a dedicated link to track click-through rate, which then redirects them to the ad)



Here's a sneak peek of what your customers will receive!







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