Shippit's Transit Protection allows you to cover your goods at retail value against damage or loss during transit for up to the Maximum Cover Amount outlined below.  This is the value paid by your customers to you as a seller for their goods, not the wholesale value or cost price. 

Transit Protection fees are calculated based on the retail or declared value of items in an order. Different subscription tiers in Shippit have different rates for Transit Protection however fragile goods or higher claim rates will result in a higher premium being applied.

Our Transit Protection fees are standardised across Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand.













Please note minimum charges apply for each order.


Maximum Coverage Amount

See your region's minimum charges and maximum coverage amount below.


 Domestic Minimum   Charge 

 International Minimum   Charge 

 Maximum Cover   Amount 


 $1 SGD

 $2.50 SGD

 $9,000 SGD


 3 RM

 7 RM

 25,000 RM


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